Exciting Technology Only Available at The Cancer Center of Hawaii

Calypso 4D Monitoring Technology

The Cancer Center of Hawaii is the state's only cancer treatment facility to utilize Calypso's GPS for the Body® Technology. This new breakthrough precisely tracks prostate tumors during delivery of radiation therapy to ensure the tumor, not surrounding healthy tissue, receives the radiation dose. In a clinical study, the use of the Calypso System during high dose external beam radiation (IMRT) for prostate cancer resulted in a significant reduction in patient-reported rectal and urinary treatment-related side effects.

Prone Breast Board Treatment

The Cancer Center of Hawaii is one of a few centers worldwide and the only one in Hawaii that offers the Prone Breast Board Treatment at each of our locations. This breast cancer therapy treats patients with radiation face down so tissue can be radiated with less impact on the internal organs and shortens treatment time by two to three weeks.

Big Bore CT

The Cancer Center of Hawaii also has the state's first Big Bore CT Simulator to accommodate patients in immobilization devices, those with monitoring devices or very large patients unable to fit comfortably or safely in other CT technology. During simulation, the Big Bore CT scanner helps locate tumor volume and the region to be treated and determines the best arrangement of radiation beams to treat the patient.